Sunday, October 26, 2014

10 Months

I feel like Jonas is beginning to realize that he has power to make things happen. He can definitely throw a fit when he doesn't get something he wants. And he's starting to get picky when it comes to food. Even though I sometimes miss my completely easygoing baby, I like knowing that he's developing into his own person and that he's attempting to communicate with us. And he's still relatively easygoing. His army crawl has gotten a lot more efficient, but he's still generally content to sit in one place. We still haven't had to do much babyproofing and are getting a bit spoiled.

  • First tooth. He got his two bottom teeth at about the same time. They're just barely in. He doesn't like to let us near his mouth, so no pictures. Teething has been pretty rough on the little guy - many fussy days, congestion, tummy problems, etc.
  • First overnight stay alone with G-ma and Papa. We went to Waco for a reunion with some high school friends, and Jonas spent one night with my parents. He did great. While we were in Waco, he got to meet his buddy Samuel, who was born a week after him.
  • Krista and Samuel with me and Jonas. We tried to force friendship on them, but they were a bit wary. Maybe in a year or so. :)
  • First ACU football game. The first game we went to, it rained so we had to leave at halftime. We went to another one with Darby's parents, and Jonas loved it. He even got on the big screen!
  • Curly hair after being out in the rain.
  • First time to clap. One time we got him to clap while mimicking Darby. Now, he won't do it when we ask him to. He'll just do it at random times. One day while he was nursing, he stopped, looked up at me, and started clapping. It was so cute.
Things I Want to Remember
  • He likes to hold on to toys with his feet while he plays with them. He's like a little monkey. 
  • He's gone to childcare for various events this month, and the first thing the workers say when I go to pick him up is, "Wow. He reeallly likes Cheerios." And it's true. I think he would eat the whole box if we kept giving them to him. 
  • He is ticklish on the inside of his arm. If I rub him there, he just giggles and giggles.

Sunday, October 05, 2014

9 Months

It's hard for me to believe that Jonas is 3/4 of the way through his first year. Time is really flying - obviously, since I'm posting this update two weeks late. :)

I transferred pictures off my phone to our desktop computer, so I don't have all of the relevant pictures for this update. I just included some random cute ones at the end.

Not many this month. He's done so much that we're running out of firsts!
  • First crawl. He does a strange little army crawl that looks a bit like very ungraceful swimming. It isn't pretty, and prefers rolling to get anywhere, but it works for now. He still doesn't seem too interested in going up on his hands and knees. 
Things I Want to Remember
  • Any time we pick him up, he pats us on the back. We pretend he's saying, "Good Mommy/Good Daddy."
  • He chuckles all the time now. It's so funny. It's like a little nervous laugh. He definitely has a real laugh that he uses sometimes, but when he's just sitting and playing, he chuckles constantly. 
  • He loves dogs. When we go to someone's house that has a dog, he bounces up and down and giggles any time the dog is around. He doesn't mind at all if dogs jump on him or lick him.
  • He is scared of balls. Darby's mom had a medium-sized red bouncy ball that she brought out when we were at their house. Jonas started shaking and clinging to us. He hated that thing! It's so strange. 
  • He has always been a very good self-soother and has enjoyed sucking on his hands. He's finally settled on sucking on his middle three fingers of one hand. He uses his other hand to play with his hair above his ear. 

I know he's sleepy when he starts doing this.

Eating spaghetti at Mamaw's house. He was so funny slurping it up.

More mealtime messiness. He's a great eater and eats pretty much anything we give him. Sometimes he'll reject a food the first time it's offered, but if we try again, he usually goes for it. Greek yogurt and meat of all kinds are his favorites.

This is how he always sleeps - on his side with his arm out. He's still a great sleeper. We're very lucky.