Friday, November 01, 2013

Friend Reunions

I guess it's getting kind of old me explaining what a bad blogger I am. Perhaps I should just come to terms with the fact that once a month updating is my new m.o. :) Since I don't know when I'll be motivated to post again, I'll just cram all of my recent friend reunions into one post.

In September, we went to Lake Grapevine and met up with Krista, Jessica and Chase, and Stephanie and Jon for a fun "camping" weekend. (We actually stayed in some little cabins, which beats tent camping any day for me.) Bobbi and Whitney were able to come over for the day on Saturday, and they and Jessica and Stephanie surprised Krista and me with a little baby shower, which was so sweet. These girls were such a huge part of my childhood and adolescence, and I'm so happy we've maintained our relationships over the years.

Chase, Jessica, Krista, Me, Darby, Jon, and Stephanie

All the women and kiddos. Having Finn and Liam there provided a somewhat frightening glimpse into parenting for me and Krista. While Whitney was busy cleaning up a potty-training-related accident, Liam had a big blowout. Poop was everywhere. Krista and I were like, " it too late to back out of this parenting thing?" Just kidding. Those little boys are precious. It'll be exciting to see how crazy it gets when we add two more little boys to the mix.
The 2 preggos. Please ignore the fact that I look like I'm 2 months ahead of Krista instead of 2 weeks.
The adorable quilts Jessica made us.

On Homecoming weekend, Kalyn, Brittany, and Erin came to Abilene to throw a shower for Em and me. It's fun to have friends who are expecting at about the same time. Carolyn wasn't able to come down from Kansas City, but she joined us via Skype. They did such a good job with the food, cake, and decorations. And I got a ton of cute baby clothes and gear. Brittany spent the weekend at my house, and it was so fun to be "roomies" again.

Em and Me showing off our "Smart Cookie" onesies from Carolyn. Little Lily did a great job passing out presents. She was tickled to be attending her very first baby shower. Em's mom did not want to be in the picture, hence the pillow. :)
Hannah and Mom were also in town for Homecoming. I'm so happy it worked out for them to join us.
The Fat Tuesday gals. Love these ladies.
The next weekend, Erin, Britt, and I flew up to Kansas City to visit Carolyn. Her husband is in Texas for 12 weeks doing medical school rotations, so we had planned to go keep her company for at least a weekend. It was sort of strange timing that it ended up being the weekend after our other reunion, but I'll take two weekends in row with those ladies any time. It was wonderful to enjoy some more fallish weather and to actually see trees changing colors. We got to eat some great local food and spent tons of time gabbing. Eating and talking are the main pastimes of the Fat Tuesday women, so it was perfect. Another bonus of the weekend: I suspect that the plane ride might have been what caused Baby JP to move out of his breech position. I can't be certain, but he was sure moving around a lot during takeoff and landing. I'm thinking he might have gotten disoriented and flipped. Whatever caused it, I'm relieved he's in the proper exit position now!

Erin, me, and Britt at the pumpkin patch. We took advantage of the photo op, then bought much cheaper pumpkins at the grocery store. :)
We had so much fun making these monster cookies (and eating the decorations) for a Halloween party with some of Carolyn's friends.
Showing off our handiwork. A funny story about this picture. I used the self-timer on my camera to take it. When I went to check it, my first reaction was, "Oh my gosh. I look so fat!" Then I remembered, oh yeah, I'm pregnant. I had seriously forgotten for a minute. Not sure how that happens.
It's been wonderful to be able to spend so much time with friends. And they are all so sweet to be excited and supportive about the baby. I love sharing life with them.