Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Jonas - 2 years

Jonas is such a fun kid right now. He talks non-stop - all day, every day. He gives us a constant narration of what he's doing and what we're doing. If we're not around, he talks to himself. He enjoys making people laugh. If he says something that people laugh at, he'll say it again and again, even if it's not appropriate for the situation. He has an excellent memory and surprises us constantly with little details he remembers from weeks or even months ago. He has his two-year-old moments, of course, but overall he's a very pleasant and affectionate little guy.

Favorite Foods: Goldfish, oatmeal ("eatmo"), butter (spread on whatever he's eating), carrots, peanut butter sandwiches, applesauce, bananas, mixed fruit cups, dessert of all kinds ("bessert").

Favorite Toys: MegaBlocks, Fisher-Price nativity set, magic ink coloring book, pom-poms, Magna-Doodle ("Magna-Noodle")

Favorite Phrases:
  • "Not right now", which he seems to understand is a more polite way to say no
  • "I feel better." - This is something he learned from Daniel Tiger. After he finishes crying when he's pitched a fit, he'll pop up and say, "I feel better." 
  • "Here a go. Do you want it?" 
  • "It's bootiful" - He says this often about the Christmas tree ("tippen tree"), but he also says it about trees, rocks, etc. 
  • "I take nap." 
  • "You can..." This means "you must." He'll say, "You can play toys right now." 
  • "You happy?" There's a lot of emphasis in children's books and TV shows about identifying emotions. So he's started asking people often if they feel happy. It's pretty cute. 
Favorite Activities: "hiding" under pillows, in boxes, under blankets, playing at playgrounds, reading books (he loves to be read to, but he'll also sit by himself and look at books sometimes), helping Mama cook, watching Daniel Tiger or "D-2" (Star Wars), turning light switches on and off, playing "Superman" (which involves running around the table yelling "Sup-ah-man! Sup-ah-man!")

Favorite Books: The Very Smiley Snowman, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Goodnight, Gorilla

Tricks: making jokes (such as the infamous "Baby Moses"), making a silly face that involves smiling really big while squeezing his eyes closed

Reading with cousin Joey
Enjoying Panera with Mamaw and Grandpa
Church with Papa and G-ma
Decorating the Christmas tree
Reading Highlights magazine from Mamaw
Christmas outfit from Auntie Hannie
"I lined up my tars!" 
Hugs for Auntie Hannie
Family picture on the hayride
Feeding carrots to the donkey
Hugging his pal Gabriel. 
Fall Festival with G-ma and Papa
Pumpkin patch with Avery and Silas\
Watching the Homecoming parade with Liam and Myla
Weekend  with Auntie Hannie. 
Arrr! Or, as he says, "Roar!" 
Spider costume from Timothy