Monday, January 05, 2015

One year!

I know everyone says this, but this year really has flown by! I can't believe we have a one-year-old. I got a bit sentimental thinking about leaving the baby days behind, but mostly I'm really enjoying this new phase. He's so much more fun to play with now. And since he's totally weaned now (hallelujah!), we have a lot more flexibility in our schedule, and I have a lot more freedom. I treasure all of the sweet memories we made this year, and I'm looking forward to the new joys and challenges ahead.

  • First Thanksgiving. We had a lovely time with both of our families together for the big meal. Jonas, of course, enjoyed all the food, especially the sweet potatoes. 

  • First visit to Santa. Someone at our church dresses up as Santa every year for our "Bread Sunday." As you can see, Jonas wasn't too impressed. We actually took him to the mall right before Christmas and got a cuter picture. But I love his expression in this one. 

  • First birthday presents. I'll do a separate post later about his birthday party. But Mamaw and Grandpa went ahead and gave him his presents at Thanksgiving since they wouldn't be able to come to the party. He didn't really understand what unwrapping gifts was all about. 

Things I Want to Remember
  • Jonas loves to say uh-oh. He says it randomly, but he'll often say it appropriately when he drops something. He loves to drop things - especially food from his high chair - and now he'll hold his hand out to the side of his high chair and say "uh-oh" even before he lets the Cheerio drop. We're really trying to discourage dropping food on the floor, but it's so hard not to laugh when he does that. 
  • He waves bye-bye all the time now. Any time Darby or I leaves the room, he waves at us. 
  • He has discovered that things can fit inside of other things now. He loves to put toys in cups. Seeing his little brain working is one of the most fun parts of being a mom to me. He had never put anything inside of something else until one day he did and then he started doing it all the time. Before I had Jonas, I thought of him learning his first words, how to walk, etc., but I never thought of all of the simple things about how the world works that he would have to learn. 
  • Any time he gets a hold of a cup or a bowl, he pretends to drink out of it.