Friday, August 24, 2007

True Confession...

After I post my blog entries, I always go back and re-read them. A lot. I guess I just find myself fascinating :)

In other news, I have my first modeling gig tonight. That's right. My friend Em works for a bridal boutique, and they have a bunch of older dresses they are trying to sell on eBay. So I get to model them for the pictures. After people see how great the dresses look on me, I bet those babies will sell like hotcakes! Haha!

Monday, August 20, 2007

Home Sweet Home

As promised, here are the pictures of our apartment (finally!) I've been meaning to post some for a while, but I kept waiting until we were done decorating. Well, we're still not totally done, but I decided we're close enough, so here goes:

Half of our living room. It usually doesn't look this dark, but I took the picture in the evening when it was raining. We got the slipcover as a wedding gift, and it fits much better with our stuff than the blue and white stripes did.

The other half of our living room. Sadly, we have nowhere to put our desk, so it has to go in the living room. We're hoping to get a nicer desk at some point, but we got that one for $10, so you can't beat that. We bought the TV stand at Target with our gift cards. It was hard to let go of the old Wal-Mart entertainment center, but we managed :) Please notice the long antenna ears. I meant to put them down for the picture, but I forgot. That is definitely one of the downsides of not having cable; those things are tacky!

This is our little dining area. We can't fit all four chairs, so we keep the other one at the desk and just pull out the table if we have people over. And yes, I actually use my placemats. Aren't you proud?

Darby and I bought these shelves and cabinet at IKEA. Even though Darby nearly killed himself hanging those shelves, we've really enjoyed having the extra storage space near the kitchen.

Part of the kitchen. I LOVE my Kitchen Aid mixer! And Darby and I are pretty happy with the way our mugs look hanging from the cabinet. I like how the kitchen has a bar area that looks into the living room. Even though the kitchen is tiny, I don't feel closed in.

Our bedroom. The shelves are another IKEA purchase. Also, notice the dirty clothes peeking out of the hamper...I guess I should do some laundry :)

Our bed. I absolutely love our bedding! We made the headboard out of plywood, batting, and fabric. I think we're going to recover the middle panel, though. We tried to tie in the fabric from the curtains and pillows, but I think it looks a little out of place.

The awesome curtains Darby's mom made for us. They look much better in real life than they do in the picture. And when they are loose, they block out tons of light, so we can sleep late on Saturdays. Yay!

I tried to get a picture of the bathroom, but there was no where I could stand and get a good picture. It is blue and brown, just like the rest of the house. We reeealllly like blue and brown!

Well, hopefully that gives you some idea of where we live. It's not much, but we really enjoy it. Of course, if you really want to see what it looks like, you could always come visit us. But, you'll have to find somewhere else to sleep, because obviously we don't have room :)

Friday, August 17, 2007

Isn't it ironic?

Yesterday at work we had an all-staff meeting. It was supposed to last from 2 to 4:30, but it ended at 4. The president of the university told us that we could all go home, and that hourly-paid employees could still enter that they worked until 5. I was so excited. I NEVER get to go home early. So I went back to the office, gathered up my stuff, and shut down my computer. As I'm walking out the door, a co-worker walks in. I had been helping him with his department's website and there was a page we had to get up that day. He was supposed to give me the corrections earlier in the day, but he and I had both forgotten. So I ended up having to stay, not just until 5, until 5:20! Grrrrr.... Actually, I wasn't that mad; he was very grateful and apologetic. But I just found it funny that usually I have nothing to do at work and have to wait around until 5, but the one day I could leave before 5, I had too much to do. Crazy.

**Disclaimer: I do know that this story doesn't fit the strict definition of irony; however, it does fit Alanis Morisette's definition, hence the title.

Friday, August 10, 2007


Go to this site and make a word cloud of your blog. The program scans your blog for the most commonly used words and creates a word cloud for you. The more common the word, the larger it appears on the cloud. Here's mine:

Sorry it's not very big. I couldn't make it any bigger without it getting blurry. I like how a lot of my friends' names are on it and the words books and reading. I also like that yay made the list. Yay! :)

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

One Month...

At this time last month, I was standing in the bride's room, waiting eagerly for 2 p.m. It's hard to believe we've only been married a month. Don't get me wrong, it's been a great month, better than I could have imagined. But, in some ways, it seems like the wedding was so long ago. Has it really only been five weeks since we counted down the days, willing them to go faster? Now that we are married, all the years we waited and worried seem like a different life. I've never been happier, never more at peace.

The best thing about living together (besides the unspoken given) is having the opportunity to express our love and care for each other in numerous small ways every day. Even after 6 years of dating, Darby still has a few sweet surprises up his sleeve! In honor of our first "monthiversary" on the 7th of August, I've come up with a list of 7 new things I love about Darby:

1. Every morning while I'm in the shower, he makes the bed and ties back the curtains.
2. He is crazy-good at loading the dishwasher.
3. He is always up for a game of Dr. Mario, even though I beat him (nearly) every time :)
4. He cooks fun things, like English muffin pizzas and hamburgers, for me.
5. He willingly puts together anything we buy and hangs up all our pictures and decorations.
6. He forces me to go lie on the couch while he does the dishes after dinner.
7. He still sleeps in the same bed as me, despite my nighttime "episodes" (talking to the closet door, jumping at the sound of a page turning, accusing him of murder, you know, the usual).

D, I love you much more than I could have even imagined a month ago. Life is good.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007


John tagged me to share 8 random facts about myself, so here goes:

1. I get nauseated when I have to do repetitive tasks, especially ones that involve fine motor skills. Cross-stitch? Forget it!

2. I am obsessed with adjusting the volume on the television, especially during movies. I hate how music on movies will be really loud, but then characters will talk in a whisper and you can barely hear it. Darby sometimes takes the remote away from me because he gets so annoyed with my constant adjusting.

3. Any time I go up stairs, I automatically count them in my head. I've tried to stop, but I can't. Even if I force myself to think about something else, I seem to always know how many stairs there were once I get to the top.

4. I have ADD when it comes to projects. I find it really hard to complete one task before starting another. When I had several papers due in college, I would pull them all up and switch from one to another every fifteen minutes or so. I know it's not the most efficient way to work, but it works for me.

5. I am a serious blog stalker. I love finding blogs of people who I kind of knew in school or even people who I didn't know at all. Recently, I stumbled across the blogs of some of my second (or third?) cousins. I will follow their lives for months or even years. I am a sucker for people who post a lot of pictures of their kids. I never posts comments, though; I'm usually too embarrassed to let them know I've been reading their blog. Does this mean I have no life? Maybe, but I don't care.

6. Even though they are probably the worst things in the world for you to eat, I really like Sonic's extra-long chili cheese coneys.

7. I am a homebody. It seems like everyone I know is constantly going to Dallas or Austin on the weekends to see friends or just to shop. Call me boring, but I'd much rather stay in Abilene. I love just staying at home and working around the house, reading or scrapbooking. Plus, I really dislike staying at other people's houses. They could be the best hosts in the world, and I would still prefer to stay in a hotel. I'm just not a go with the flow type of person, so I like to set my own schedule. This kind of makes me seem like a grouchy old woman; I really do love spending time with friends and family, just not every weekend.

8. Although I'm an avid book reader, I secretly prefer magazines. There's just something about the glossy pages and snappy writing that I find irresistible. I'm not allowing myself to subscribe to any magazines, so that I'll spend more time reading books. But I love reading the subscriptions we have at work or sitting down at Barnes and Noble with a stack of celebrity gossip magazines.

Well, that's probably much more information than anyone wanted to know, but when you're tagged, you've gotta do it, right? John already tagged some of the people I would have, but I'll tag Brittany and Carolyn because they both really need to update (Brittany more than Carolyn!)