Friday, November 02, 2007

A nerdy Halloween

Darby's friends decided to host a little Halloween party this year. Of course, we had to go all out on our costumes. Darby came up with the idea of being Tetris pieces, since we both really like that game. He worked so hard on our costumes, and they were awesome! They turned out much better than I had imagined. Everyone loved them, but we couldn't keep them on for very long because they restricted our movement and vision so much. Plus they were hot! We had a lot of fun; I'm so lucky to have a husband who's willing to spend hours making crazy costumes for us!

Me and Darby




Laci said...

hahah this is so priceless! please save the pics to show your future children some day! You'll probably have to explain what Tetris was too! Soo great, thanks for sharing! Go Darby!

Ledbetter Fam said...

Kayla, I just read your comment on my blog. How funny that you found me through blogging. I saw your parents a few weeks ago. Can I add your blog as a link on mine?

Juli Beth