Tuesday, March 18, 2008

My New Passion

I have become obsessed with getting rid of stuff. Knowing that I'm about to move inspired me to evaluate what things I have that are actually worth packing and unpacking. I HATE packing, so this is great motivation. However, I think I might be going a little too far. I mean, so far, I haven't gotten rid of anything really valuable or sentimental - mainly just old clothes and unnecessary trinkets. But I find myself constantly thinking, "What can I get rid of?" Sitting in church on Sunday, I was taking a mental inventory of all the items in my closet, trying to decide whether to keep them or not. I'm scaring myself.

I keep thinking that once I get my clutter under control, I'll be able to stop worrying about it. But now I'm wondering if I'll ever feel like it's under control. Is this a never-ending project? I don't want to turn in to one of those people who gets rid of everything and doesn't even have any pictures of their family. I get a high every time I find something to give away. What will happen to me when that high is gone? I'm an uncluttering junkie!

Evaluating all of my possessions has really made me think about the underlying problem, though. Why do I feel the need to acquire so much stuff in the first place? How much money could I have given away if I hadn't used it to buy things I would end up discarding in a few years? Or what one or two really nice possessions could I have in place of the million cheap things that end up breaking or wearing out? It's an interesting exercise. I'm definitely trying to evaluate every new thing I bring into my life from now on. I don't want to feel overwhelmed by my things and feel like I'm always in need of more space to store them. I want to be able to truly enjoy the things I have, and I think that starts with having fewer things.


Anonymous said...

Hi, it's Desiree. I am doing the same thing! Have you been reading one of my new favorite blogs, zenhabits.net? It inspired me to unclutter, and I walk around my house trying to find more things to put in my Goodwill box. It is certainly addictive, and it feels so good to free up space.

Anonymous said...

Okay, you are scaring me! :-)
The worst part was when you said you were in church mentally going through your closet....Oh my!!!

Remind me NOT to give you any sit-arounds...it will just end up in a garage sale.... :-)

Actually, I sort of agree with you. I REALLY need to jettison some of my "stuff". If I could just get Grandma to let me, I would have this house cleaned up in NO TIME! :-)
Love you!!
Aunt Katina

Ledbetter Fam said...

I agree with you about reevaluating the "things" we have. I don't want to be a downer, but this problem will probably never completely go away. I have three kids now and I'm going crazy trying to keep the "stuff" in order. It's hard, but just keep focusing on why you are doing it. I've gotten to the point that something really has to have an important function or a sentimental meaning (sometimes this isn't enough to keep it around) in order for it to stay. Good luck with the school stuff and packing stuff!!!!