Monday, July 14, 2008

Penny Pinching

I'm finding it kind of funny all of the news segments and magazine articles that are being written about saving money now that the economy is not so hot. These are the most popular tips I hear/read:

1. Buy generic brands at the grocery store.
2. Walk/carpool as much as you can.
3. Eat at home rather than eating out.

Seriously? Can people not think of these things themselves? Also, what if you have been doing those things for a long time? Is there no way for you to cut back on your expenses?

I've found a couple of more creative ways to save money. One of these is making my own cards for birthdays, weddings, etc. At $3-4 a pop, store-bought cards can really set you back. I enjoy crafty things, so I've started making my own cards. It takes a little more time, but since it's something I enjoy doing, I don't mind. I buy boxes of 50 blank colored cards at Michael's for about $7. I use scraps of paper and stickers leftover from my scrapbooking, so the cost is very minimal. I'm estimating that I save on average $8-10/month. It might not be a whole lot, but it adds up. Plus, I get the satisfaction of creating something myself and personalizing every card.

What about you? Do you have any creative tips for saving money?

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Hannah Anderson said...

I don't have any tips. Let's face it...I'm not good at saving money. =(