Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Fun Family Weekend

My mom and dad came up to visit this weekend. I was so happy to see them and so excited for my mom to finally see our house. On Friday, we gave them a tour of campus (or at least part of campus) and ate at Noodles. Then, we enjoyed ice cream, Rummikub, and watching The Office again. On Saturday, we ate breakfast at Le Peep (yum!) and went to Curtis Orchard. We were going to pick apples, but it was more expensive to pick them than to just buy them in the little store they had. But we did pick out some pumpkins, and Darby got some yummy apple cider. I made dinner and an apple pie Saturday night and then mom took me shopping. I got my winter coat. It's puffy! I love it. On Sunday, we went to church and then to lunch at Steak and Shake. It was such a fun weekend. I loved being able to host my parents for the first time. (When they came to visit in Abilene, they always stayed in a hotel since we didn't have a guest room). My whole family is coming up for Thanksgiving, and I absolutely cannot wait!!

Me and Darby picking out our pumpkin. We ended up getting a 20-lb one!

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Sallie said...

It was a wonderful weekend! It was great to see you guys, where you live, etc. We are greatly blessed! Love, MOM