Wednesday, April 15, 2009

For the past month, I've been filling in as a teacher for Cradle Roll at church on Wednesday nights. I'm a regular teacher on Sunday mornings, but we never have any babies on Sundays. :(

So, I go from work where I spend all day editing reference lists that have no rhyme or reason, deliberating over the exact placement of commas, trying to locate information the author left out online, filling in 1000-line Excel spreadsheets, etc. to singing: "See the daddy bunny hop, hop, hop. See the mommy bunny hop, hop, hop. See the baby bunny hop, hop, hop. All the bunnies go hop, hop, hop."

It's marvelous. Now, don't get me wrong, caring for babies is very hard work. And I know I'd get tired of talking "baby talk" all day. But it's a lovely one-hour break. If only I could get those songs out of my head!

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