Thursday, June 16, 2011

Feels like home

We're back in Texas for a 10-day vacation. Already, we've spent time with both sets of parents, my sister, my grandma and Aunt Katina, Darby's brother Jeremy and sister-in-law Janice, and my Aunt Lea. And we've still got many more friends and family to visit! My favorite thing about coming to Texas is seeing family, of course. But there's so many other little things that just make this place feel like home.
  • Chatting with every cashier and waiter
  • Late sunsets
  • That nearly suffocating feeling of getting in the car after it's been sitting in the 102-degree heat for a couple of hours (yes, believe it or not, I actually kind of miss this. It's strangely comforting.)
  • Going for walks and waving at every car that drives by
  • The abundance of pickup trucks
  • Coke and Dr. Pepper as the drinks of choice (not Pepsi...yuck!)
I have never bought into the idea that people outside of the South are rude. In our experience, we've encountered wonderful people in Illinois and other places we've traveled. However, I can't deny that people in the South are at least superficially friendlier. I'm no longer accustomed to talking with strangers in the checkout line or saying Hi to people as you pass them walking. I miss that.

Before we left Texas, I really didn't know how much I'd miss it. I knew I'd miss my family, but I didn't think I was too attached to the state itself. Well, I was wrong. I'm a Texan through and through. I really hope Darby and I will be able to move back after we finish school, but, if that doesn't happen, I'll always eagerly anticipate our trips "home."


Sallie said...

I am so glad you miss Texas! We sure miss you being here! Can't wait to spend more time with you in a few days!

Mary Kay said...

Don't forget your Texas roots and get back here as quick as you can!!! :)

Heidi said...

Cameron and I feel the same way. We loved living there and love going back to visit. Hopefully one day we will end up back in Texas too!