Monday, March 26, 2012

Spring Break highlights

Well, I did not get near as much work accomplished during Spring Break as I planned to (surprise, surprise), but I had fun, so I guess it's ok. Some of the highlights after our Madison trip:
  • Cooking dinner for church. I made chicken spaghetti, carrots, salad, and Rhodes rolls. Each time it gets a little easier, although I'm still completely wiped out by the end of the night.
  • Learning how to knit! Mica taught me, and I think I'm obsessed now. I'm working on my first scarf (very slowly), and it's preventing me from doing my schoolwork. I keep dreaming of all the things I can make. Hats! Headbands! Baby shoes! Never mind the fact that I can only do the knit stitch. Details...
  • Game night with Daniel and Liz. Love those guys, and we don't get to spend time with them enough.
  • The Hunger Games movie with James and Kristen. So good and very faithful to the book. Darby even liked it, even though he hasn't read the books.
  • A long overdue dinner and game night with the Oelzes. They've had us over to their house so many times, and embarrassingly enough, we've never reciprocated. (In our defense, it's easier to go to their house so they can put their daughter to bed. But, still...) Eden cracked us all up with her beyond-her-years logic. I didn't make the most kid-friendly meal. I offered to make pigs in a blanket for Eden, but Stephanie assured me that she could try the regular food. Once she tried the chicken taquitos, she liked them, but she was very wary of the Mexican pasta salad. So she said, "Mom, I think I'm going to be too full to eat the pasta salad, but I won't be too full for dessert." I completely understand, Eden.
It was hard to go back to school this morning. But, it's less than two months til summer and our trip to Italy. Yippee!


Mica said...

Yay, knitting obsession! I'm the same way--studying for the Phonology Comp? No way! Knitting!!!!

Mary Kay said...

Wish you lived closer and I might get knitting lessons! I have tried twice but they didn't work! :)
Sounds like you had a very fun and full Spring Break! Love you girl!