Sunday, July 15, 2012

A Happy "Hannahversary"

My sister came to visit last week. Immediately after she left, Darby and I left for a family trip to Wisconsin, so I didn't get a chance to post. We had such a great time. Since she happened to be here on mine and Darby's 5th anniversary, my mom coined the term "Hannahversary." We had fun playing board games, Mario Kart, and Just Dance 3, baking red velvet cheesecake brownies, and eating at some of our favorite Champaign restaurants.

But, hands-down my favorite activity was karaoke. A little back story: a few months ago, I went to "Korean karaoke" for the first time (where you sing in a room with only your friends, not in front of a crowd). I loved it so much and really wanted Darby to experience it, so we did it again a couple of weeks ago. Darby liked it, but he said he preferred regular karaoke because he likes to perform. This is kind of hilarious to me, as it doesn't really seem like his personality, but it's true. Hannah is a natural performer herself, so we decided to go while she was here. We met a couple of friends at Memphis on Main in downtown Champaign. Darby and Hannah broke the ice by each singing a song by themselves. Then, Hannah, Jin, Cassandra, and I sang "Lady Marmalade." I am very good at that song, having sung it about 3,000 times in high school. (I was always Li'l Kim, of course.) Later, Hannah and I sang "Man, I Feel Like a Woman," which was one of our middle school specialties. And Cass wowed us with "I Will Survive." But the undeniable star of the show was Darby. He sang 4 songs, and everyone LOVED him. He was such a great performer. Considering that he was in a band when we first started dating, it was a perfect way to spend our anniversary. Brought back a lot of memories of my "groupie" days. :)

I'm so glad Hannah took the time to come visit us. It was great to have some sister time. We've started planning our sister trip for next summer. I can't wait!

Excited after our successful performance

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Mica said...

Nooo! I'm so crushed that I missed a karaoke outing. Booooo!

I actually haven't been to Korean karaoke in Korea yet. Isn't that sad? There just isn't anyone who's as fun to go with as you!