Monday, September 17, 2012

Reality Check

This morning, I started my ESL practicum, in which I spend 100 hours observing/teaching at a local high school. My supervising teacher wanted me to meet her before school, at 7:30. Ouch. I'm used to my grad. school schedule of never having to be anywhere before 9. I survived, thanks to my trusty Hello Kitty travel mug.

I observed three classes: Life Science for ESL students, Physical Science for ESL students, and a regular ESL class. And, wow, I'm exhausted just from watching! Sometimes I get frustrated by the things my students say, their seeming lack of attention, etc. But, after watching these freshmen and sophomores, I will never complain again! I had forgotten how high school students actually act. I blame this on TV shows like "Friday Night Lights" and "Glee," which portray teenagers as basically adults, just with more drama. No, high schoolers are definitely still kids. That being said, the kids are very fun and seem really eager to learn. And my supervising teacher is wonderful. I think it's going to be a great experience.


Sallie said...

Wow, that's a busy schedule. Sounds very interesting, though.

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