Monday, December 17, 2012

2012 Ornaments

One of my favorite parts of Christmas is putting up the tree. We have a very eclectic collection of ornaments, and I love remembering the story behind each one. As I've done in previous years, I thought I'd share some of the new ornaments we got this year.

Hannah started a tradition of giving all of us ornaments each year. Last year, she did a Mario Kart theme, since we all like to play together. My character is Baby Peach, but she wasn't available, so Princess Peach is a good stand-in. Isn't she cute?
I got this one when we went to Wisconsin with Darby's parents this summer.
Darby's mom gets us an ornament every year. Believe it or not, we didn't have a Texas ornament, so she found us this one on eBay. Hopefully next year we'll be unpacking our Texas ornament in Texas.
Darby put these adorable little mittens in my stocking last year. He knew I would think they were cute. And now that I knit, they're even more appropriate! Maybe by next year, I'll be up to making mittens.
One of my primary objectives in Italy was finding Christmas ornaments. I got this one in Florence. It shows my favorite view.
And I got this glass one in Venice. I was amazed it didn't break after being stuffed into my carry-on bag.

Our tree will never be magazine-worthy, but that's the way I like it. I love that each of our ornaments is meaningful. And I have so much fun searching for ornaments on all of our trips.


Mary Kay said...

This reminds me of our tree! All of our ornaments have "meaning" to us and I love it. Its like walking down memory lane each year when we decorate. Trips, special events, hobbies, etc. We also gave our kids ornaments each year on their birthday...that was a shock to the tree when Zach married and I handed over 21 ornaments! Then the same with Ashley! We still give ornaments and for the grands I give them an ornament each year that reflects the theme of their birthday that year! So fun to look for the ornaments through the year and they love them! Have a merry Christmas friend!

Sallie said...

Love the ornaments. You know what our tree looks like! Some of the ornaments were made 33 years ago when Dad and I were poor college students. Lots of great memories!

Kalyn Gensic said...

The ornaments from Italy are georgeous!