Friday, March 22, 2013


Remember how I was all proud of myself for being so patient about this whole job search thing? Well, yeah, that's out the window. :) As our expected moving date creeps closer, it's getting harder and harder to be ok with not knowing where we're going. Due to a coincidental convergence of events, it seems like much of my life is waiting now. And I'm getting tired of it!

Two Sundays ago, the sermon at our church was all about taking advantage of where you are now and not wishing your life away. This is something I have always struggled with, especially in the last two years or so. I do want to enjoy the present moment, and there are a lot of good things about my life right now, but it's so hard not to wish I were on to the next phase. Have any of you struggled with this? How do you live in the present while still making plans for the future? What do you do to distract yourself while you're waiting?


Kalyn Gensic said...

I was really hoping you would get tons of awesome advise on this from which I could benefit. I'm afraid I've got nothin'. Just know that I'll be praying that your transition from this phase of your life to the next phase is blessed.

Mica said...

We will distract ourselves with bunting. And untangling yarn!

Heidi said...

Hey Kayla! This is a constant struggle of mine with military life - I hate not knowing what's coming next! While we are at a duty station, I try to find things unique to that area. I also stay busy with the dogs and sewing/crafting if I am unable to work. It still drives me crazy at times, especially when it gets close to the move date and we don't know where we are going. Don't know if any of this helped, but sometimes it's just nice to know other people feel the same way!

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