Wednesday, July 12, 2006

My scheming roommate

I have overslept the past three days in a row!! I have always been a morning person, so I almost never oversleep. It is so frustrating. Monday, my roommate came in at 7:30 to wake me up. (I usually get up at 6:45). I'm not sure what happened that day. Either my alarm went off and I turned it off without realizing it, or I had forgotten to turn it on. Tuesday, my alarm went off, and I pressed off instead of snooze. I woke myself up at 7:17. Last night, I told my roommate to check on me this morning and make sure I was awake because I didn't trust myself anymore. And sure enough, at 7:20, I hear, "Kayla, it's 7:20." Arrrggh! I know my alarm did not go off this morning because, if it had, I would have gotten up or at least thought very seriously about it. I did NOT want to oversleep again! The only solution I can think of is that Brittany is sneaking into my room at night and turning off my alarm clock, so she can laugh at me in the morning. Yep, that's it. I'll get her : ) I hate being rushed in the mornings! It just makes my whole day seem rushed. But, I have been enjoying the extra sleep, and I've still beaten my boss to work all three days, so I guess it's not all bad. Tonight, though, I am setting my cell phone alarm AND my regular alarm and hiding them so Britt can't get to them : )

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Brittany said...

There's a facebook group with a different theory. It's called "Alarm Clock Imps Ruined My Life". Seriously, girl, I have better things to than play with your Hello Kitty alarm clock. :) (But I did get a twisted sense of pleasure out of informing you that you had overslept 3 days in a row. Guess you're human afterall!)