Friday, July 07, 2006

New Blog!

Well, I decided since I just turned the big 2-1 and will be graduating in December, I should start a grown-up blog. No more Xanga for me : ) Really, I've just been envying my friends who host their blog on blogger. And I haven't been very inspired lately, so I thought a change of scenery might encourage me to write more. We'll see.

Yesterday, Darby, Brittany, and I went swimming at the Hardin-Simmons pool. Who knew they had an outdoor pool? And it's free for college students! That was the first time I had been swimming all summer, which made me sad since summer is already half-over. To me, summer is swimming. There's nothing like the feeling when you get out of the pool totally waterlogged and a little bit sunburned and go inside your nice, air-conditioned house and drink a Coke and eat a snack. (Swimming makes me really hungry.) And the water in the shower feels so good after you've peeled off your swimsuit. I feel cleaner after my post-swimming showers than at any other time. That's one thing I definitely miss about being a kid - going swimming more than once or twice a summer.

Another thing that reminds me of summer is Pop-Ices. I hadn't had one of those in years, but Darby and his roommate Ben bought a bunch of them to keep in their freezer, so I've had a couple this summer. I almost was poisoned by one, though. Darby gave me one from the freezer; I stuck it in my mouth and instead of tasting blue raspberry or whatever, I tasted some kind of chemical. I panicked and was like, "Darby, my tongue is burning." He remembered that Ben had cleaned out their freezer with Comet, of all things, and some of it must have gotten on the Pop Ices. So, there's a valuable lesson for you: Never clean your freezer with Comet (although who would really do that?)

What about everyone else; what is summer incomplete without?

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Darby said...

That was pretty funny when your mouth was burning! :D You were definitely freaking out. Ben said he would poison you again though, so watch out! I love you.