Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New Year!

I am getting married THIS YEAR! Yay!

I think the Christmas season should last until New Year's Day. It seems so sad to have all the build-up just for one day. I'm doing my part to fight this by continuing to wear Christmas socks and not taking down my Christmas decorations. (Okay, really, I can't take them down because I'm not in Abilene right now. But even if I were in Abilene, I wouldn't take them down). So for me, today is the last day of Christmas, which is sad. But I'm happy because I let it slowly die out rather than having it all be over on the 26th.

Last night, Darby and I went over to Jessica's house with some other people from church. We learned how to play 42, which is really fun. If anyone knows how to play, please play with me and Darby sometime in Abilene!

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Erin U. said...

Brendan and I love 42! We'd love to play with you two sometime.