Friday, August 17, 2007

Isn't it ironic?

Yesterday at work we had an all-staff meeting. It was supposed to last from 2 to 4:30, but it ended at 4. The president of the university told us that we could all go home, and that hourly-paid employees could still enter that they worked until 5. I was so excited. I NEVER get to go home early. So I went back to the office, gathered up my stuff, and shut down my computer. As I'm walking out the door, a co-worker walks in. I had been helping him with his department's website and there was a page we had to get up that day. He was supposed to give me the corrections earlier in the day, but he and I had both forgotten. So I ended up having to stay, not just until 5, until 5:20! Grrrrr.... Actually, I wasn't that mad; he was very grateful and apologetic. But I just found it funny that usually I have nothing to do at work and have to wait around until 5, but the one day I could leave before 5, I had too much to do. Crazy.

**Disclaimer: I do know that this story doesn't fit the strict definition of irony; however, it does fit Alanis Morisette's definition, hence the title.


Laci said...

so this story is pretty funny! but my favorite part was the disclaimer!

Anonymous said...

Kayla: It most definitely fits! Situational irony can be defined as "Incongruity between what might be expected and what actually occurs" disclaimer needed!
I actually prepared a lesson plan for my C&I class on situational vs. dramatic irony in literature. Alanis Morrisette's song "Isn't It Ironic" was my ice-breaker... The people in my class loved it, though I am not sure how real students would have responded.
I got my student teacher assignment on Saturday. I will be teaching 10th grade at Sachse High School. I am SO excited. That is the school I wanted!!!

Sorry you had to stay late at work. I HATE it when that happens...

Love you and have a great week!

Aunt Katina