Sunday, September 23, 2007

What I did this weekend...

Yes, it's a puzzle. Jealous? Darby and I are such nerds. We love puzzles, but we have a hard time finding ones that we like. We only like ones that have lots of distinct sections, not 200 pieces of sky. We went to Frontier Texas a couple of weeks ago and spotted this one in the gift shop. We've been waiting for a free night to put it together. Usually we work them straight through, but this one took both Friday and Saturday. So that was pretty much our whole weekend. Yeah, we're that cool.

On a different subject, Darby made a 1400 on his GRE!!! He would never announce it to anyone like that, but I figure I'm allowed to brag on my husband. So our grad. school prospects are looking pretty good. Yay!

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Carolyn said...

Haha, a puzzle would not be my ideal weekend, but maybe once I'm married I'll enjoy doing anything to spend time with my spouse. I'm excited to see you guys in a few weeks, because I'm dying from not seeing close friends often enough! Anyway, be thinking about anything special you might want to do while you're here; I've got a few ideas, but I often have a different idea of fun than most of you ladies.