Thursday, July 02, 2009

Happy Birthday, D!

This is Darby with his laser. He's a nerd, but I love him!

Today the love of my life turns 24. (Yes, I married a "younger man." Ha!) Interestingly enough, Darby was supposed to be older than me. I was born two weeks early, and he was born almost three weeks late.

I made him a key lime pie on Monday. (We're going out of town this weekend, so I wanted him to have time to eat all of it.) I think he chose key lime pie because it's one of the few desserts I don't like. He wanted it all to himself! Tonight, we're going out to eat at a burger place that's supposed to be really good.

I love you, Darby! I feel so blessed to be with you on your birthday and every day. You are definitely worth celebrating!


Anonymous said...

I didn't get a card in the mail to Darby, nor do I have his cell phone number, so please wish him a happy "late" birthday from Aunt Katina!!!

Love you both and see you soon!!!

Jamie, Jenn, Sean and Nathan Lance said...

Aw, how sweet! What a lovely post! Happy belated b-day Darby!!!