Thursday, January 07, 2010


Last semester, I attended a women's Bible Study on Monday nights. We always began the study with an icebreaker question. For some reason, these questions seemed to bring up all sorts of stories from my childhood, so I would often share. After one particular story (the one I'm going to share here), someone said, "You should write a book with all these stories." Although I don't think I have enough material (or sufficiently interesting material) to fill a book, I decided I could share some of these stories on my blog. And who knows? Maybe one day, I'll be famous and then people will pay to read them. :)

In the later-elementary and intermediate grades, I was obsessed with "The Baby-Sitters' Club" series. I was a member of The Baby-Sitters' Club Book Club and would receive 3 new books each month. This was a passion that my best friend, Whitney, also shared. Naturally, when The Baby-Sitters' Club movie came out when were about 11, we had to go see it in the theater (which almost didn't happen because someone got stabbed while we were waiting in line for the tickets, but that's another story). In our minds, the movie was AWESOME! So, we made a little wager: Whoever got the movie on VHS first got to be Dawn (our favorite character), and the other one would have to be Mallory (our least favorite). Now, just exactly what "being" a character meant, I can't tell you, but at the time it was super important.

A few months later, my mom and I were at the Scholastic warehouse in Waco, and I spotted the movie. Overcome with excitement, I rushed to show my mom. She, aware of the little competition, suggested we buy two copies—one for Whitney and one for me—so that both of us could be winners. I scoffed at my mom's soft-hearted nature; I had to win! I don't remember if my mom ultimately convinced me to get two copies, but I do know that I still laid claim to the fact that I was first to get it. Evidently, Whitney wasn't too hurt by my selfishness because we watched the movie together at least a dozen times and could quote the first 20 minutes or so (all the characters' lines, word-for-word, without ANY prompting; how sad is that?).

When I told this story at our Bible story, one girl said, "Ahhh, so that's when your competitiveness began." Busted! Although, in my defense, Whitney was pretty competitive herself. We spent probably a quarter of the time we were together arguing about something or other. But we loved each other! If I did write a book about my childhood, Whitney would be in a lot of the stories. We were huge dorks; I'm so glad we had each other.


Laura said...

i was obsessed with the babysitters club too. i had a ton of their books and i even got to go to a book signing and got the first super special book signed by ann m martin. i got rid of all of them except that one but this past christmas my mom gave me the very first one in my stocking. so fun! loved your story. especially since i loved the movie as well but when i watched it several years later i realized just how cheesy it actually was, lol!

Clint and Whitney said...

haha! Love the post! Yes, I would definitely say we were 2 very hard headed girls! We didn't give up without a fight but then somehow we always resolved our issues, even at a young age. I guess that's a testament to our true characters. Baby sitter Club days were some of the best! I think I still have a few of the books including one signed by Ann M. Martin herself. I don't think I will ever forget going to Dallas with you, your mom and sister to get our books signed. That was so sweet of Sally to drive 3 girls girls all that way. I'm pretty sure we both had all if not almost all of the Babysitter Club books. Good times..