Sunday, May 15, 2011

Halfway there!

Well, I finished my first year of grad. school on Friday. I can't believe I'm already halfway done. Time is really flying by. I am still so incredibly grateful for the opportunity to go back to school. And I absolutely love working with ESL students. This summer, I'm continuing some tutoring that I started this semester. I really enjoy getting to know all of the students and seeing them improve.

Darby reached a huge milestone this semester. He is now completely done with his coursework. So, for the next two years, he'll be doing full-time research and dissertation writing. I'm so proud of him for all the hard work he's put in so far, and I'm so excited that he'll no longer have homework!

We had a great first weekend of summer (even though it's COLD! I had to turn the heater back on tonight. Boo.). On Friday night, we had a celebration dinner at Crane Alley, one of our favorite local restaurants, and then, being the huge nerds we are, we worked a puzzle. :) Saturday morning, we got up and walked to the Farmer's Market and then had coffee at a little cafe near there. I grilled steaks for dinner Saturday night and then watched a chick flick (New in Town) while Darby hung out with some guys from the lab. After church this morning, we went with our preacher's family to the brunch buffet at Kennedy's. Yum! There was soo much food, and it was all delicious. It's so nice not to have to worry about homework for a little while. I think this summer is going to be awesome!


Kalyn Gensic said...

COngratulations to both you and Darby!

We've got the heater on right now, and it is now likely to be turned off for a few days. I've come up with a new saying: "April showers brings disappointment and disallusionment in May."

The Lances said...

Congratulations to you both! What an exciting time for your family! Enjoy the summer and hopefully we can plan a Custard Cup run this year! :_)