Monday, September 12, 2011

Roughing It

This weekend, Darby and I went camping in Indiana. It was our first time to camp together (and only my second time to camp ever), so it was quite the adventure for us. We borrowed a tent from Liz and Daniel and set up a cozy little campsite.

We did some hiking in Turkey Run State Park. I forgot to bring my camera on our hike, but it was absolutely beautiful. (If you're interested, google "Turkey Run State Park" and click on Images to see some nice pictures.)

Darby did a great job of tending the fire, so we could enjoy our hot dogs and s'mores. Sleeping was a little difficult because a group of frat boys were partying very loudly until about 1 a.m. Also, if we go camping again, we'll definitely buy a foam pad to put under our sleeping bags.

Darby remembered making "biscuits in a bag" in his Boy Scout camping days, so we gave it a shot. Despite how it looks, it actually tasted pretty good.

I must admit that camping was somewhat of a pretext for getting us to Indiana so we could buy...Blue Bell ice cream!! Darby just found out that Blue Bell has started distributing out of Indianapolis. We had to go about an hour out of our way to the store that carries it, but it was so worth it. We bought two pints for immediate consumption and two half-gallons to bring home. Yum! Soo worth it.

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Mary Kay said...

I am so proud of you Kayla!!! Yahoo for camping! Yes, even as many years as we have been camping...I always think of something I will "take next time". I have a camping packing list...that I pull out each time we go! If you decide to make a habit of this, I will have to share some fun food ideas with you!! I love the reason you went camping though...keep those priorities in place and get to the Blue Bell!!