Monday, September 05, 2011

Welcome, Fall!

After a couple of weeks of abnormally high temperatures, it is so wonderful to see highs in the mid-70s in the entire 7-day forecast. I was getting tired of coming home from school all sweaty. Now that I'm teaching, I have to dress up a little, and I just don't have too many dress clothes appropriate for 100 degrees. :)

This long weekend has been the perfect balance of productivity, relaxation, and socialization. I've enjoyed a U of I volleyball game, brunch with friends, a wedding, free Custard Cup, lunch with the Millers to celebrate Dick and Kim's birthdays, a long walk with Darby, and some reading time. Tonight, we're going to a barbecue at some new friends' house. I made homemade Spiced Brown Sugar Banana ice cream, so I'm looking forward to that and lots of other yummy food.

Hope you've had a wonderful weekend as well!

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Sallie said...

Glad you enjoyed your long weekend. Dad and I got back a couple of hours ago. Will talk with you soon!