Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Christmas - Hewitts

We got to Darby's parents' house Sunday night and opened gifts with them. They got me a new Kitchen-Aid blender, which I am so excited to use! My old blender only has one speed, but this is a really nice one. I can't wait to enjoy some smoothies.

We had a great week with John and Debby. We put together a super-hard Christmas puzzle, hit the after-Christmas sales, saw We Bought a Zoo (very cute!) and War Horse (pretty good; I think I would have liked it better if I were an animal person), and ate TONS of great food. Debby always makes the best breakfasts for us. I love it.

Darby's brother Jeremy and sister-in-law Janice came up on Wednesday night, bearing lovely gifts from their recent trip to Spain. It was great to catch up with them a little, and the girls dominated in Mexican train.

I never remember to take pictures at Darby's house because no one else is there with a camera to remind me. :) But I did manage to get one shot of Darby with his parents.

It was a wonderful trip, and every year, I am reminded how blessed we are to have two wonderful, supportive, generous families.

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Mica said...

Your holidays sound so full of love and good food and fun! Hooray!

Darby looks more like his dad, I think.

Also, which Kindle did you get? Harrison's parents both have one, and I've pretty much convinced myself to get one, just not sure which model!