Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Last semester - or not

So, in December I made the decision to extend my degree for one more year so I'll finish at the same time as Darby. I figured it's safer to stay in school, keep my health insurance and stipend, and get one more year of teaching experience than to risk trying to find a job, in a relatively small city, for only one year. I feel really good about this decision. And I know I am so fortunate to get paid to go to school. But, I must admit, it was a little hard to start this semester and realize that, instead of only having 4 months until I'm done with school forever, I now have 16 months. Oh, well.

One plus side of staying an extra year is that I have time to take some "fun" classes. I'm in an oral Spanish class, and I LOVE it. It's basically just a time to practice speaking and listening in Spanish, which is exactly what I need.

I'm teaching the same class I taught last semester. I enjoyed last semester, but I kind of felt like I was just scraping by, trying to stay one step ahead of the students. Now, I know what I'm doing, and it's so much less stressful. I'm really excited about trying some new ideas. My first challenge is memorizing everyone's name, though. Hopefully I'll have that done by the end of the semester. :)


Mica said...

It is a little depressing to hear about everyone else looking for jobs and moving on with their lives, isn't it?

Still, I think there's something to be said for having room for fun classes, especially since languages won't be free anymore after this! And also, I don't freak out about everything because I'm only taking two classes.

Plus, another year? I believe that means another year for us to share tasty baked treats with each other, RIGHT???

Sallie said...

I think you have a great plan in place. It will be very exciting to have you and Darby graduate at the same time. So glad you are enjoying your Spanish class and that your teaching is going well!