Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Me gusta chocolate

I'm taking a Spanish conversation class this semester. The theme for this week's chapter is "Coffee and Chocolate." Awesome, right? Anyway, the class is almost all girls and the discussion about chocolate today was one of the most lively we've had all semester. Here's about how it went (translated into English, of course):

Teacher: What's your favorite way to eat chocolate?
Student 1: I like chocolate ice cream.
All other students: Oooh. yum.
Student 2: I like 100 Grand Bars.
All other students: Oh yeah, those are good.
Student 3: I like chocolate fondue.
All other students: Ohhh, fondue.
Teacher: One time I ate a dozen chocolate-covered strawberries all by myself.
All students: Wow. Yeah, chocolate-covered strawberries are sooooo good.
Student 4: My favorite chocolate is Lindt.
All other students: Mmmm-hmm. Yes.
Student 5: Dove is also really good.
All other students: Oh yeah!

And that went on for about 15 minutes. I was dying laughing. It didn't matter what anyone said. Everyone would say oohh and nod their heads vigorously. Normally, the teacher has to pry answers out of people, but we probably would have gone on talking about chocolate for the whole hour. It seems that talking about chocolate is almost as good as actually eating it...almost. The lone guy in our class just didn't get it.


Mica said...

Isn't that the guy who gave up all sweets? He's a lost cause.

Mary Kay said...

My kind of class...why didn't I have classes that talked about chocolate and coffee...I could have aced that class! You are my kind of teacher! :) Love ya girl!!!