Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Illinois Bucket List

Now that it's almost 2013, it's becoming very real to me that we'll be leaving this place (hopefully for Texas!) soon. Anyway, instead of just counting down the days until we leave, I'm trying to savor our last 7 or so months in the Midwest. In that spirit, I decided a bucket list was in order. Some things are local, and some are within driving distance. As you can see, many revolve around food, of course.
  • Eat at Maize, Bacaro, Escobar's, Radio Maria, and Luna
  • Hike at Turkey Run again
  • Do a tasting at Sleepy Creek Vineyards
  • Take a trip to Michigan
  • Go to Cedar Point amusement park in Ohio
  • Visit the Spurlock Museum and the Krannert Museum
  • Go to Indiana to eat at the Beef House
  • Visit the Cracked and Crave food trucks
  • Try the gelato at Art Mart
Other C-U people: Anything else we must do before we leave? 


Mica said...

I am game for so many of these things!!! Do all the things!

Sallie said...

You're going to be busy...and full! I'm hoping for another mild winter for you guys, but maybe you need one last real Illinois winter!

Kalyn Gensic said...

Bj and all of his friends from up north are Cedar Point fanatics. He grew up going there all of the time.