Monday, June 27, 2016

Jonas - 30 Months

Jonas has become such a silly kid in the past few months. He is constantly cracking us up with the things he says. He loves entertaining people and will do anything to get a laugh.

We seem to be hitting the terrible twos a little more now. He definitely has his own opinions about things, and time-outs have become more frequent. Overall, he's still such an obedient kid, though.

We had to throw in the towel on our first attempt at potty-training. We'll try again in a few months.

He seems excited about becoming a big brother, though he doesn't fully understand what's happening. He asked if he could "play with the baby's toys at the baby's house." I told him the baby would be living at our house, and this seemed to really throw him for a loop. I am sure his little world will be rocked when the baby does arrive, but he is already becoming a pretty good little helper.

Favorite Foods: oatmeal, fruit of all kinds, cereal with milk, grilled cheese, string cheese and circle (Ritz) crackers, pretzels, anything sweet. He is still a very good eater and will eat basically anything that's put in front of him, except that he very emphatically does not like lettuce.

Favorite Toys: dry-erase board with dry-erase crayons, trampoline, race track and cars, big exercise ball

Favorite Phrases/Topics of Conversation
  • "Ok. I can do that." This is how he most often responds when we ask him to do something. I hate to break it to him that it's not really his choice. :) 
  • "Probably." He sometimes uses this appropriately, but sometimes just throws it in. "I'm probably eating cereal." 
  • "How's your tummy?" - He got in the habit of asking me this after hearing Darby ask how I was feeling quite often in the first trimester. Jonas still asks pretty much every day, even though I'm feeling much better now. 
  • "I can do it by myself." - This applies to everything. I know it's good for him to gain independence, but man, it can really try my patience some days. 
  • He is very into rituals and using the same phrases at the same times. We got him an alarm clock that turns green when it's ok for him to get out of bed in the morning (7 a.m.). So, every night, the last thing he says before we leave his room is, "Is my clock gonna turn green?" And every night, Darby or I throw his various stuffed animals into his bed. He always says, "Fox is gonna come first." Apparently, one night, I said, "You think?" So, now every night I have to say "you think?" or he gets mad. 
Favorite Activities: riding in the car cart at United, getting a free cookie sample at United, playing in his little pool, watching Tumble Leaf on Amazon Prime, snuggling with Mommy in bed in the mornings, playing hide and seek (but only if he's the hider), reading books, playing at playgrounds

Favorite Books: Big Boys Go Potty, One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish, Highlights magazine

Tricks: singing the months of the year song (our favorite month is "Octobertop"), telling jokes (There was a joke on Daniel Tiger: "What do snowmen eat for breakfast?" "Snowflakes with milk." Jonas has put his own spin on it and now tells variations such as "What does a cat eat for breakfast?" "A lightbulb!" He really cracks himself up.), making up words, changing the lyrics to songs.

Hunting eggs at Mamaw's house

Another egg hunt in the Isenhowers' backyard 
He moved into his big boy bed, which he loves and has done so well in. 
We dyed Easter eggs with Gabriel. 

ACU had a special music day for kids. Jonas loved playing the different instruments. 

Jonas was excited to tell everyone about becoming a big brother. He asks every morning, "Did the baby come out?" 
We went bowling for the first time, and Jonas did AWESOME!

Helping Daddy water the flowers. 

Like father, like son. 

Checking out ArtWalk with his friend Luke.

Jonas's favorite part of baking is licking the spoon (like mother, like son). 

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Sallie Anderson said...

Sweet, sweet little boy...what a delight! Love our special times with him!