Thursday, October 20, 2016

Jonas - 33 Months

(I started this a month ago and am just now finishing!) We have hit the terrible twos. The last few weeks have been pretty rough. Jonas is having a tough time obeying. Telling him to do something pretty much guarantees he'll do the opposite. And heaven forbid you give him a green cup when he wanted a blue cup. He is definitely into testing boundaries and asserting his independence.

He is still a very affectionate little guy, though. And he is quick to tell us "thank you," even unprompted. I love that we are able to do more and more activities together and that he is becoming an actual little conversation partner.

It's hard to believe that by my next update, he'll be a big brother. He seems to understand some about his little sister coming, but I'm sure it will be a big adjustment when she's actually here. But he says he will share his toys with her. For a while, he insisted that her name would be "Apple," but he's come around to the idea of Ellie. We are soaking up these last few months of being a family of 3. I am thrilled to be adding to our family, but I also know that life will not be this simple again. What a blessing these (almost) 3 years with just our boy have been.

Favorite Foods: oatmeal, cereal (must be two kinds mixed together) with milk, string cheese, pretzels, crackers and peanut butter, grapes, yogurt, any dessert

Favorite Toys: race track, robot spider he built with Daddy, doll stroller, Mickey Mouse puzzle

Favorite Phrases/Topics of Conversation
Jonas talks NONSTOP. We never know what will come out of his mouth, and we love hearing the funny things he says. Below are just a few samples of the many, many, many things we hear daily.
  • Mommy, mommy/Daddy, daddy. When he's trying to get our attention, he thinks repeating our name is more effective. We hear this approximately 5,000 times/day. 
  • "And all the kind of weird people" - This is who he thanks God for during his bedtime prayer. It's so hard not to laugh. 
  • "A whole junk" - He started saying this to mean "a lot", and we have no idea where he got it. 
  • Why? - He is so curious, which I'm thankful for. But man that kid can ask a lot of questions! And he can't form a negative question. So you have to interpret whether he means "why" or "why not", which is sometimes difficult.
  • "I'm a snuggly boy." If you try to give him any compliment, like "you're a cute boy," he says, "Nooo...I'm a snuggly boy." 
  • His birthday. According to him, his birthday is "coming up."  
Favorite Activities: blowing bubbles, watching shows (he likes to pick random things on Netflix), playing with magnets on the fridge while Mommy cooks, using the salad spinner, playing "drums" on bowls, getting out various (adult) board games and playing with all of the pieces, thinking of rhyming words, singing "Yankee Doodle"

Favorite Books: Goodnight, Gorilla (this is the only book he wants to read at bedtime now), books on Mommy's iPad.

He loves his Mamaw. 
Helping Daddy blow out the candles on his birthday pie. 

We took a family vacation to Branson and met up with our wonderful friends from Illinois. Jonas loved it and asks when we're gonna go on "bacation" again. 
Jonas was pretty happy with the free necklaces they gave out at the (super HOT) 4th of July festival. 
Jonas loved playing with Ansley and Evelyn at the condo. 
Reading with great-grandma Katherine. 
Matt and "Weya" moved to Austin. :( 
Enjoying his first gummy worm. 
Posing with Mommy and Daddy before Mommy's birthday dinner. 
Enjoying time with Neema. 
Enjoying his sister's shower. He threw the biggest fit ever about wearing his Big Brother shirt, but once he saw all the food at the party and realized that he got a few presents, he decided it was an ok event after all. 
Tailgating before the ACU football game. He's pretty good at cheering, "Purple white, purple white, fight, fight, fight." 

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