Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Monday night Darby got initiated into the strange world of women's sizes. Here was the conversation, more or less.

Me: I bought a new pair of jeans today. I gave in and bought a size 6 because the 4 didn't fit.
Darby: How did you go from a 4 to a 6?
Me: 6 is the next size above 4.
Darby: What about 5?
Me: They don't make 5's. Well, sometimes they do. Brands either have even or odd sizes. So, a 1 corresponds to a 2, a 3 to a 4, a 5 to a 6, etc.
Darby: That's crazy. What does that number stand for? The waist measurement?
Me:'s just the size. It includes waist, hips, and inseam.
Darby: That's ridiculous.
Me: Yep.

Now he knows why it's so hard for girls to find jeans that fit them. Who knows what the numbers mean? Things would be so much easier if they sized them like guys' jeans. But I guess most women might have a problem actually seeing their waist size in inches on the sticker. At least they should have some sort of standard, so that a 6 is the same in all brands. I doubt that'll ever happen. I'm just happy they started carrying curvy jeans at GAP and Old Navy. Try them; they'll change your life.

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