Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Goals, goals, goals

As I mentioned in my last post, John tagged me to make a list of 10 life goals. Kalyn posted her list on her blog and said that it was hard for her to come up with 10. I can relate. I have never been very career-driven, so I often don't think about goals. However, I think personal goals are just as important and perhaps more valuable than career goals. It was good for me to actually sit down and think about the person I would like to be in ten or twenty years. So here are 10 of my life goals, in no particular order:

1. Become truly fluent in Spanish. I went to Mexico two summers ago for six weeks, and my Spanish improved greatly. But when I came back, I didn't practice, and now I've lost a good deal of it. I love Spanish, and I am so close to fluency; I just need the motivation to practice. Maybe having it in writing will help.

2. Be a great mom who isn't totally defined by motherhood. Lately, I've thought a lot about motherhood. I participated in a women's Bible study at church, and the majority of the other women were young moms. I didn't enjoy some of the discussions because they seemed to all center around children and how busy their lives were. I know having children changes you, but I'd like to still retain my own identity. I don't want my kids to be my excuse for not getting things done, and I want to be able to talk about topics besides my kids in large groups. This one is probably much easier said than done, but it's my goal, nonetheless.

3. Live below my means. I don't want to fall into the trap of constantly buying new cars or bigger houses just because I can. And I don't want to consider myself fiscally responsible just because I give 10% and save for my kids' college. I want to give generously to all sorts of people and causes. I want to live in a house that's comfortable but not bigger than I need. And I want to live more simply with fewer possessions. That being said, I don't want to develop a holier-than-thou attitude towards people who do own nice houses and cars. I realize that financial decisions are extremely personal, and people who have a lot of possessions are often still very generous.

4. Adopt older children. For about 5 years, I've felt like God was calling me to adopt. I have a lot of compassion for older children who get put in foster care because most families only want to adopt infants. I want to make a home for those children, and if possible, keep siblings from being separated.

5. Learn to cook a gourmet meal. I love cooking and baking, but I would like to expand my knowledge. Cooking lessons would be great! I would especially like to work on my food presentation. I want my dishes to look as good as they taste.

6. Read more than I watch television. Already, I own 60+ books that I haven't read. That is shameful. I spend way too much time watching mindless TV. Darby and I are working towards this goal together by not having cable in our apartment.

7. Teach a sex class to teenage girls. This may sound like a weird goal, but I've been thinking about it for some time. I think the idea of "True Love Waits" is good, but the execution is terrible. I want to develop a curriculum that encourages teenagers to wait for marriage out of love and respect for God, not out of fear of pregnancy or STDs. I want to teach girls that they are not freaks for having a sex drive. I want to be someone girls feel like they could actually come and talk to without being judged.

8. Continue working out regularly. Darby and I have been working out regularly in some form for about 2 years. Besides the health benefits, I just feel better about myself when I work out. I want to keep this up for the rest of my life.

9. Maintain a garden. I think my life would be greatly improved if I could eat homegrown tomatoes and look at pretty flowers every day. Plus, this would force me to spend more time outside and enjoy nature, which I definitely need to do.

10. Be a thoughtful friend. I want to be the type of friend who remembers birthdays and gives thoughtful gifts. I want to fix meals for my friends when they're sick, support their activities, and encourage them when they're having bad days. I want to actively choose to be a good friend all of the time, not just when it's convenient for me.


Anonymous said...

I am continually amazed by you! You are so wise...
I just want to say how much I appreciate you, and how special I think you are. I wish we lived closer so we could spend more time together. Have a GREAT week. Love you, Aunt Katina...
By the way, have you found out about the job yet?

Anonymous said...

Wow...At age 48 I need to do the same. Very thought-provoking and motivating. I think yours goals are great ones!