Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Happy "Birthiversary" to Me and Darby

This weekend, Darby and I celebrated our birthdays and one-year anniversary all at once. It's a little early for all those things, but Darby was in a wedding in Dallas, so we wanted to take advantage of the fact that we were already there. We stayed at the DFW Hyatt Regency, which is where we stayed on our wedding night. It's a great hotel, but we did have one complaint. Their cable doesn't include TLC!! (Somehow, we didn't notice that on our wedding night; I guess that's a good thing!) But, now that we're an old married couple (haha), watching "Flip That House" is one of the things Darby and I look forward to most on vacations. From now on, we're going to have to get a cable listing from any hotel before we make reservations!

On Saturday night, we went to Medieval Times (Darby's birthday pick). Darby had been a couple of times when he was a kid, but I had never been at all. It was a lot of fun. The show was pretty cheesy, but the food was good, and we had fun cheering for our knight. The funny thing was that our guy must have been new because he kept losing all the contests. It was hilarious! Darby commented that Medieval Times wasn't quite as fun as he remembered it being when he was 10. :) Gee! Who'd have guessed?

On Sunday, Darby took me shopping at Grapevine Mills mall. What a sweetheart! He waited patiently while I tried on the whole Ann Taylor Factory Store. I got several cute shirts, including some button-down shirts. (If you know me, you know that is a huge victory). Darby also got some nice-looking polos at Old Navy. I love how when guys need a new wardrobe, they can just go out and buy six of the same shirts in different colors. Perhaps I'll get there soon. (See this post). That night we went to The Melting Pot fondue restaurant (my pick). If you ever get a chance to go, you should. It's pretty pricey, but such a fun atmosphere, and the food is great! We were both so full when we got out of there.

The whole weekend was absolutely wonderful. Darby and I had so much fun reminiscing about our wedding day and thinking about all of the great memories we've shared since then. I am constantly reminded what a blessing it is to be married to my best friend. I enjoy all the time I spend with him, even when we're just hanging around the house, but it sure is nice to be able to get out and enjoy the "high life" for a weekend.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you had such a fun, carefree weekend! I'm looking forward to seeing you this week for Mexico!

Anonymous said...

The Melting Pot is SO good...next time you are here (that might be a while!), try Simply Fondue. Better food and not in such a creep location.
Aunt Katina