Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Well, Darby and I both managed to come down with a stomach bug. Woo-hoo! Actually, it's not too bad. Darby got sick Sunday night and seems to be almost back to normal. I got sick yesterday evening and am just feeling weak and achy now. We should be almost completely back to normal for our trip tomorrow. I will probably refrain from hugging any family members for a few days, though. We are supposed to celebrate our Christmas together tonight, so we'll probably just have an abbreviated celebration. I was going to make a pasta dish, but I'm thinking that doesn't sound so good anymore. I am definitely not too sick to open my presents! :)


Laci said...

Aww you're so stinkin cute! I hope ya'll feel better soon. Enjoy your mini christmas tonight! Eric and I always feel weird doing our own Christmas with just us two, lol!

Sallie said...

Come home and let mom take care of you (just leave your germs there, okay)!! Have a good Christmas tonight and we will see you TOMORROW!

Mauri said...

Oh, bummer! Sorry your sick! That's no fun. But hopefully it will run it's course quickly so you can have fun in Texas! And by the way, your christmas cards were adorable! Miss you, friend!