Tuesday, December 09, 2008

It's all relative...

I think I'm becoming a true Northerner! When I walked out of work yesterday, I was like, "Wow! It's warm. This feels nice." The actual temperature: 40 degrees. Ha! I guess compared to the windy 20 degrees it has been, 40 degrees is downright mild.

One thing I have not gotten used to yet (and I'm not sure I ever will) is driving on ice. I slid twice on my way to work, saw four cars that had run into the guardrail on an overpass, and saw the aftermath of two wrecks. They only salt major roads here, and not even every time it's icy, because the state doesn't have enough money. Great! I just drive super slowly and try not to brake unless absolutely necessary. By the time I get to work on icy days, my hands are sore from gripping the steering wheel and I feel like I need to lie down. I think Texans have the right idea; just stay home when the weather's bad.

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Kalyn Gensic said...

I have found that my sense of temperature has altered, also. I was talking to my dad the other day and saying how it was decently warm when I caught a glimpse of a bank thermometer out my car window. It was 36. That is just messed up.