Thursday, January 08, 2009

Best Wednesday Ever!

A while back, I posted about how much I hate Wednesdays. Well, yesterday, I might have found a cure. It involved: Papa John's pizza, good friends, ice skating, homemade pumpkin pie lattes, chocolate, board games, and Darby hopped up on caffeine playing the guitar and singing in bed while I was reading a really good book I got over Christmas. And all of this was after a full day of work (I actually had to stay a little late), a trip to the bank, and a stop at the dry cleaners. I don't know that my energy level, bank account, or waistline can accommodate such exciting Wednesdays, but I'm glad I now know what it takes to make Wednesday fun.


Mary Kay said...

I want to come do Wednesday's with you! That sounded so fun! Especially the lattes and ice skating!
Here is to a new outlook for Wednesdays!

Laci said...

hey that sounds great! I wanna come! haha! Yes I am trying to start up the photography business again. Hopefully I'll have some weddings this spring!

Anonymous said...

It makes me smile when you smile! MOM