Friday, March 20, 2009

I just heard about a site,, where you can sell your old (working) cell phones for cash or gift cards. I entered the information for mine and Darby's old phones (both pretty basic phones), and we're getting an $11 Amazon gift card. Not bad, considering we were just going to recycle them. If you have old phones laying around, check it out. You can print out a free shipping label, so all you have to pay for is the box (and I figure most people have extra boxes anyway). And, just a tip: If you don't know your cell phone's model number, look underneath the battery. There should be a little card with that information.

Darby and I are off to the Windy City (Chicago, not Abilene) this weekend for a little Spring Break trip. I am going to try to take more than 2 pictures this time. I get embarrassed pulling my camera out and acting all touristy. Also, people are not as friendly about taking pictures for you up here as they are in Texas. But I hate that Darby and I have hardly any pictures of us together (besides our wedding, which was almost 2 years ago...that's crazy in and of itself!). So hopefully on Monday, I will have a picture-filled post. Don't hold your breath, though.


Sallie said...

That's pretty neat about the cell phones---how in the world do you find all of these websites? (A lot of time on the computer?) Keep them coming!

Jamie, Jenn, Sean and Baby Lance said...

Have a WONDERFUL (and safe) trip! We'll miss ya and can't wait to see pictures!!! (hint, hint!)

Clint and Whitney said...

Kayla, thanks so much for your comment on my blog. It's nice to have people around that still think about dad. I know he has to be so happy for Justin. Have fun on your trip!