Saturday, March 14, 2009

My Current Addictions

1. Jon & Kate Plus Eight - I don't like how Kate treats Jon, but the kids are just soo cute! Especially the boys. This show makes me want to have triplet boys. (Haha...just kidding, God!) Plus, it's on like five hundred times per week, so anytime I want a fix, I can get one. Next week a new show is premiering...Table for 12. That family has two sets of twins and a set of sextuplets. Take that, Jon and Kate!
2. Custard Cup snowstorms - They are like blizzards but 10 times better. Custard Cup is a local place that's open from March to November. It re-opened last Friday, and Darby and I have already been three times.'s that good.
3. Lists - Have you noticed that most of my blog posts have been lists recently? Not really sure why. I've just always like organizing stuff.
4. Yoplait Strawberry Shortcake yogurt - This is the only yogurt that actually tastes like what it is imitating. I mean, I like other flavors, but they're no substitution for the real thing, despite what the commercials might say. But I might actually eat the strawberry shortcake yogurt for dessert (if Custard Cup is closed, that is!).

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Brenton and Jenna Lane said...

I LOVE Jon and Kate plus Eight!!! She DOESN'T treat him right.