Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Row, row, row your boat

Tonight for our "date night," Darby and I went to Kickapoo state park (about 20 mins. away) and rented a canoe. It was so fun!! We found out about it because there was a coupon for $3 off canoe rental on the back of one of our receipts at the grocery store. I'm so glad we saw it.

Don't look up Darby's shorts. Hee-hee!

This picture was kind of staged. I didn't do much rowing. :) It kinda hurt my shoulder. Plus, Darby seemed to be handling it just fine.

We saw a deer! It let us get really close without running away.

There was hardly anyone else out tonight. It was very peaceful. We're going to go back sometime and canoe on the river instead of the lake (a little more exciting, although I'll actually have to do my part of the rowing), and we're going to rent a paddleboat! It was a great date night, which we capped off with chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream. Yum!


Kalyn Gensic said...

My family used to always rent paddle boats at Garner State Park. Of course, Bro and Dad paddled while I hung on to the back and floated along. The paddling part "hurt" me, too (hehe).

Clint and Whitney said...

Sounds like fun! Hey, it turns out we are going to Nashville over the 4th. When will yall be there again?

Brenton and Jenna Lane said...

The scenery is beautiful! I would love to canoe in water that pretty! Glad you guys are enjoying yourselves!

Jamie, Jenn, Sean and Nathan Lance said...

Don't you just love the coupons on the back of the grocery store receipts?!? :-) Looks like you had a wonderful time (and for the record, your kind of "rowing" is my kind of "rowing"!)

Sallie said...

That is so neat. I would like to do that. Maybe sometime when we visit we'll have enough time to do it!

Ledbetter Fam said...

That sounds like so much fun!!!