Monday, February 20, 2012


In spite of the fact that Darby majored in physics and I majored in English, he is the more creative one. This became even more clear to me this morning, when we each described the dreams we had last night.

Me: I dreamed that I was trying to help someone prepare to take the written section of the driver's exam (something that I have done in the past). They didn't get it, and it was really frustrating.

Darby: I dreamed that we went on a trip with the president of Iran. He stole some old-school Nintendo cartridges and was trying to smuggle them back to Iran because he had stored some data on them. Then, he held us hostage. He was drinking one of those little cartons of milk, so I squeezed on the sides until it exploded on him. Then, I poured the rest of it into his suitcase to ruin the Nintendo cartridges. I hate that guy.

Our dreams are always like that. I dream something totally normal, albeit frustrating, and Darby dreams something totally ridiculous. I'm not even creative in my dreams! (Well, except for my crazy sleep-talking episodes.)

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Sallie said...

I was going to say that in your sleep you probably acted yours out and got mad at Darby for laughing at you. Then I read the end of your post and saw you kind of already acknowledged that!