Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

This year, we got to celebrate Valentine's Day several times. My parents sent us a Starbucks gift card, so on Saturday night we went on a little Starbucks date. Since we already had plans for tonight, we had our Valentine's dinner at home on Sunday night. I made pesto chicken stuffed shells (I adapted the recipe and covered the shells with this guiltless alfredo sauce before baking), bruschetta, and Caesar salad. The shells were delicious. I highly recommend the recipe. For dessert, I made this Oreo-crusted white chocolate mousse tart. I made a mistake while reading the recipe and accidentally added too much white chocolate to the filling. It was still good but a little on the sweet side, even for me. It's best to eat with coffee, so there's something to cut the sweetness. We ate our "romantic" meal on our TV trays while watching Downton Abbey (our newest Netflix obsession). I did manage to at least change out of my Christmas pajama pants before eating, so I haven't totally given up on romance. ;)

Tuesday nights are my usual women's Bible study tonight. We didn't want to completely cancel, so Billie invited all of us and our husbands to dinner. Dick made his famous lasagna, and I contributed a red velvet cake roll. It was wonderful to spend the evening talking and playing games with some of our favorite people.

Casey, Matt, Kim, Erin, Billie, Dick, Will, and Darby

I've always loved Valentine's Day, because I don't think it has to just be about romantic love. It's fun to celebrate with friends and family, too. Although, I will admit, I was happy to receive my traditional single rose from Darby when I picked him up from the lab this evening. He's a keeper.

And the Valentine's fun will just keep going. Darby's parents sent us some Valentine's Day money, so we're going to go out to eat sometime soon. Yay!

I didn't get cards made this year. I hope I'll be back on track next year. Hope you all had a wonderful day and at the very least used the excuse to eat copious amounts of chocolate!

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Mica said...

I love that Darby gives you a rose! That's so romantic!!! Awwww. :-)