Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap Day Musings

I really love Leap Day, and I'm not sure why. I just like quirky dates, I think (hence the 07/07/07 anniversary). My Grandma Trish was born on Leap Day and I remember thinking it was hilarious to wish her a "Happy 16th Birthday" the year she turned 64.

Despite my love for this day, I must admit I'm feeling kind of down. I try to stay fairly positive on this blog, facebook, etc., because I don't want to be a complainer. But, I also feel like I should be honest, and sometimes it's a very thin line to tread between being positive and being fake. I once had a friend tell me that it had taken her a long time to get close to me because she felt like I never was only her complaining. Any family members who are reading this are probably dying laughing; I am not known in my family as being upbeat. I guess that's the issue. I don't really feel comfortable sharing problems until I'm close to someone, but, if you don't share problems, how do you get close? It's an interesting dilemma.

Since that conversation with my friend, I have tried to be a little more open. So, in that spirit, I'm admitting that I just feel blah. In the four years that we've been here, I've gotten progressively more "homesick" with each year. I'm not sure why it gets harder rather than easier. Of course, it doesn't help that four of our best friends have moved away in the past 18 months, and two more will soon. It's been rather lonely here lately.

Well, I feel better having gotten that out. And now you know why there's been somewhat of a dearth of posts in the last year or so. But, I promise not to turn every post into a pity party. I just found out today that Custard Cup opens for the season in 10 days, so you know I will be a happy girl then!


Mica said...

What??? How did I miss this information?

I'm so excited!!!! Let's go!

I'm pretty sure the remedy for homesickness is spending more time with me. :-D And yes, lunch on Monday!

Jenn said...

Boo! I never like to hear that anyone is feeling down (although kuddos to you for keeping it real and admitting it!)...

Please know, that if you ever need anything, the Lances are just a phone call away!!! Hugs friend!

Kalyn Gensic said...

If you want an ear to complain to, always know you can give me a call. I know a little about what it is like to feel isolated and far from family and friends. Love you!