Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A very old freshman

Monday was my last first day of school (probably). Of course, I thought the same thing last August. :) I definitely won't be staying another year, so I'm pretty sure this is it. I'll never say never to the possibility of getting a Ph.D., but as of now, I just don't see it. My enthusiasm for school has waned quite a bit since my freshman year of college nine (how can that be?) years ago.

Today, I was running to my Spanish class (love it when the bus is late), and a girl I was walking beside asked me what class I was going to. It turned out we were headed for the same class. She said, "Are you a freshman, too?" It's a comfort to know that, even though I sometimes feel like a senior citizen compared to the college kids I see every day, I still look like an 18-year-old.

Here I am during my freshman year at ACU (with my sweet roommate, Jeanine).
And this is me a couple of months ago (with Katy's baby, Ansley, and Darby's thumb)
I feel like I look a little older, but I guess I haven't changed that much. What do you think? I'm getting very mixed messages. The other day I got off the elevator in my building and a student came up to me and said, "Excuse me, ma'am. Can you tell me where room 4002 is?" So, she obviously thought I was an instructor. And when I was interviewing incoming international students, two of them called me "madam." Ha!


Mica said...

I think clothes (and behavior) make the biggest difference. I can tell you're not a freshman, but that's probably because I know you. My homestay dad said I looked like a middle schooler this summer...yeah, a middle schooler whose body is all prepped to pop out a baby. I don't think so, homestay dad.

Sallie said...

You definitely have matured in the face and your hairstyle makes you look a little older, too. HOWEVER, I still can't believe someone mistook you for a professor. Sorry, but you still look like a college student to me! One day you will be so happy about it!