Wednesday, August 16, 2006

End of Summer

I can't believe it's almost the end of the summer! It went by so fast. But I am ready to go back to school. I'm a nerd; I like school. It was a good summer, though. Very busy! Here were the highlights:

- Getting engaged! (of course)
- My DDR/Karaoke Revolution b-day slumber party
- Being a bridesmaid twice and all the time I got to spend with my girlfriends because of that
- Buying my wedding dress
- Eating free lunch every day at work (Okay, so it was the Bean, but it was still FREE!)
- Getting to see my adorable cousins when they came to camp
- Learning how to light a match (sad, but true)
- Holding Amanda's baby, Sidney, when she was only 4 hours old!
- Going to the DCI show in San Antonio with Darby

There were, of course, some not-so-great things about this summer, like how unbelievably hot our upstairs is, but overall it was really fun.

I find myself at the end of every summer getting depressed about all the things I had planned to do that I didn't. But I decided I should stop thinking that way and just think about the things I did do. So I didn't make our curtains upstairs. Would I want to give up any of the time I spent with my friends, family, and Darby in order to do that? No. I'm happy with how this summer turned out.

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