Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Should have gone to 3rd Rock

The other night Brittany and I went to Cold Stone because I had a coupon for a free Like It. Well, I kind of already have a beef against that place because the line is always extremely long, yet they still constantly stop working to sing their stupid songs. The absolute worst is when anyone orders something with bananas. "Peel bananas! Peel, peel bananas! Slice bananas, slice, slice bananas!" And so on. Anyway, this time we made it to the counter without hearing the banana song. I ordered my usual, Founder's Favorite. I can tell the girl must be new because she has to keep consulting the menu to see what mix-ins to add. Anyway, she adds a ton of chocolate syrup and caramel to my ice cream until it's a big gooey mess. Then she scoops it into the tiny cup. It's dripping everywhere, so she uses the scoop to pile it back on the cup. There are still big globs of ice cream running down the side. I'm thinking, "I wonder how she's gonna handle this." I assumed she would put it in a bigger cup. Nope. She hands it across the counter and says, "'re probably gonna need some napkins." At this moment, a huge glob falls off the cup and slides down the outside of the ice cream freezer. I couldn't believe it! These were not just little drips running down the cup. Seriously, half the ice cream was falling out. It would have taken a thousand of those whimpy napkins they give you to clean it up. I asked her if she could put it in a bigger cup, which she did. Brittany and I just looked at each other in disbelief. I think maybe Cold Stone should spend less time teaching their employees the dumb songs and more time teaching them how to scoop ice cream. But, at least Brittany and I got some laughs out of the whole thing.

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