Tuesday, August 01, 2006

The worst job ever

I feel so sorry for the weathermen in Abilene. They have such boring jobs, especially in the summer. Every day it's hot, sunny, and windy. Brittany said they might as well just make a tape of one day's weather and replay it for the whole summer. They try to come up with cute little sayings to distinguish the days. When the high is 99, they say "Under 100!" Like 99 is so cool. Like you can really tell the difference between 99 and 101.

Sunday night there was a story on the news about how the Abilene mayor had asked all of the local churches to pray for rain. That story was followed by the weather. Poor Pete the weatherman! He looked so sad. He said, "Well folks, I have some bad news. Tomorrow's going to be another hot, dry day." It just broke his heart to have to tell everyone that their prayers weren't answered and no rain was in the forecast for at least seven days. I'm not saying that God can't make it rain, but I just thought it was poor placement to have the dry weather forecast right after the story of everyone praying for rain. It puts a lot of pressure on the weatherman to deliver some good news. But Pete usually doesn't let it get to him; he keeps smiling through it all. I love that guy.

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