Sunday, November 30, 2008

We had a great Thanksgiving. My family got in on Wednesday night, and we ate pizza and played games. Hannah introduced us to the YouTube video "Grape Lady Falls," which is, without a doubt, the funniest video I have ever seen. Darby laughed so hard he cried! If you haven't seen it, go look it up right now.

On Thursday, mom and I finished making the meal, and I set the table. Everything went smoothly, except the turkey. I just bought a fully-cooked frozen turkey because I was too scared to cook a turkey myself. I let it thaw in the refrigerator for three full days, but it was still frozen on the inside! I didn't realize this until my Dad was trying to carve the turkey. We ended up having to cut off the thawed parts and reheat the rest. It was a little frustrating, but it all worked out. Here's a few picture of our table and food (well, half the food...the rest was on the counter.)

I ended up getting Friday off of work, which was awesome!! My sister and I went shopping. We ended up only getting clothes for ourselves. Whoops! Here's the matching puffy vests we got at Target for nine bucks!

That night, our friends Jon and Katy came over, and we all played Nertz and Outburst. I think Jon was a little shocked at the combined volume of the Anderson women. :)

Of course, we spent a lot of time playing Wii. Here's the four "kids" playing Mario Kart. I love how Hannah and I look really into it, while Darby and Matt are playing it cool. Typical.

It was such a fun few days! I'm so glad that my whole family gets along so well and has so much fun together. And Darby just fits in seamlessly. He enjoys having my brother around as his "Wii buddy." It was a little cramped with six people in our house, but not too bad. I'm glad that we were all able to stay together and some people didn't have to go to a hotel. Now, I can't wait for Christmas!


Sallie said...

It WAS truly wonderful! You and Darby are great kids and hosts. What a terrific time full of love and laughs (I'll never forget Darby watching The Grape Lady)! Love you guys and can't wait until Christmas! MOM

Mary Kay said...

Yeah! Sounds like your first hosting of a holiday went great! Turkeys take FOREVER to thaw!!! I ended up not making the cheesecake as things just got so hectic! But I will make it soon! Thanks for posting, I was so anxious to hear all had gone well! Love ya. MK