Thursday, February 07, 2008

HILMM - Part 2: The First Date

Okay, fast forward almost four years. It's the summer of 2001, before my junior year of high school. Darby and I have been friends for the past four years, but not really close friends. We talk at church and get along, but we don't ever spend time together outside of church activities. Recently, though, I've been surprised to find that I might actually like Darby as "more than friends." My heart beats a little faster when he's around, and I look forward to seeing him at church. I'm still hung up on the age thing, though. Even though he's only two weeks younger than me, I don't like the idea of dating someone in a lower grade.

I can tell that Darby kind of likes me, too. He singles me out a lot at church, and we have a great time talking to each other. One afternoon, he, Cody, and I are up at the church working on camp t-shirt designs. Darby mentions that he wants to see the movie A Knight's Tale. Knowing where this is heading, I say that I want to see it, too. He asks if I want to go the next Saturday, and I agree. I'm still not totally sure if this is a date, though. Maybe he's invited other people, too. Or maybe we're just going as friends. I'm not even sure I want it to be a date, since I haven't decided how I feel about him.

On Saturday, June 2, he comes to pick me up. (Well, technically his parents come to pick me up; neither of us has our licenses yet). They drop us off at the theater, where he pays for my ticket. At this point, I realize it is a date. After the movie, his parents pick us up and we all go eat at McAlister's Deli. Talk about awkward! Our first date was a double-date with his parents! They dropped me off at my house, and I thought, "Well, that was a bust." Things just felt forced between us. I figured we'd go back to our friendly relationship at church, and nothing more. Not exactly an instant love connection.
So how did we end up together? Tune in next time to find out. :)


Erin Voss said...

Ah, the perils of pre-licensed dating. I remember the days. I love your stories!

Ledbetter Fam said...

That's fun! Keep posting.

Juli Beth

Anonymous said...

Dear Kayla,
We are waiting SO excited to hear the next installment...actually, I really DON'T know what it is....I haven't heard any of these stories, which makes me a little sad to tell you the truth. :-(
My friend Amanda and I are reading tuned in and waiting for the next chapter to be published....
Love you bunches!
Aunt Katina
...and Amanda